Who Wants to Be a Writer?

I have five more classes left until I have my degree.  I will then be the proud graduate with a bachelor’s in Mass Communication with a concentration in journalism and media studies.  What was I thinking?
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Almost Finished

My dearest friend that I’ve made at school, never mind that she is 22 and I’m over the hill, is graduating this semester. I will have to say goodbye to her and wish her the best of luck while she continues her education in Canada. I’m also a little envious that she is finished here at USFSP while I have to stay and finish up a few more classes over summer break or God-forbid take a class or two in the fall…. Continue reading

Life Begins at 40

Life begins at 40….   at least, that’s what ‘they‘ say.  Well, I hope so, because I need more material to beef up my résumé.  While I will have an excellent college degree in journalism from the University of South Florida at St. Petersburg when I graduate next fall, material for my work history is a little light.

Before my early ’20’s I worked a few odd jobs and was usually given a key to the establishment within a few months but just being trustworthy isn’t enough anymore in today’s work force. Sure, I can navigate the web and produce a word doc. in a jiffy, but who can’t?  These days it seems as if employers want you to know how to build an entire website, know calculus, trig and geometry, reduce costs and grow profit margins and juggle rabbits while balancing a bowl of fruit on your head.  I know very little about most of these subjects but I’m willing to try the juggling stratagem. Continue reading

Being Relevant

I thought that Twitter and Instagram would be enough.  I assumed that anything beyond having a Facebook page would suffice as being considered internet savvy and would constitute as having a web “presence.”  Turns out, I was wrong.  Worse yet, I was irrelevant. Continue reading

Navigating College When You’re Not That Young

Everyone is blond around here.  They are young and tan, too. I’m not sure if anyone smiles or is handsome, for most of them are milling about face-down, their noses buried in their phones as opposed to a book. Unfaltering, I stride through campus as if I belong, as if I am not 40 years old.  But, I am…. and I’m not blond either. Continue reading